Alcoholism Treatment Centers

There are a vast number of alcoholism treatment centers or alcohol rehabs to choose from, but finding one that will help you achieve long-term and craving-free sobriety is the key to success. Although traditional treatment that uses a 12 step program may provide you with short term success, it is usually accompanied by never ending cravings, depression, anxiety, lifelong attendance in AA meetings and frequent relapse.

In order to achieve long-term sobriety that is free of cravings, depression, anxiety and relapse, you want to make your choice from the centers that practice alternative alcoholism treatment with biochemical restoration. They  may also be referred to as natural treatment for alcoholism, 12 step alternatives or holistic recovery.

In biochemical restoration, the root of addiction, which is a depletion or an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, is addressed. When brain chemistry is restored to balance, then cravings, anxiety and depression simply disappear and staying sober is no longer difficult. These alternative, natural or holistic treatment centers adhere to the concept that alcoholism is a medical condition, not a spiritual disease, and treat it as such.

Alcoholism treatment centers with a biochemical approach are much more successful for long-term recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous has a success rate of less than .05 percent, while alternative biochemical centers have a success rate as high as 74 to 90 percent.

If you are ready today to check into a treatment center that can help you achieve long-term and stable sobriety through biochemical restoration, or you would simply like to talk with someone about the possibility, then fill out the form directly below with your contact information. An addiction specialist from one of the world's finest biochemical treatment centers will give you a call back within 48 hours for a free and confidential consultation. Private insurance and financing available. No obligation to inquire.

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The primary criteria you want to look for when making a choice for an alternative alcoholism treatment center is one that uses orthomolecular medicine. Amino acids are the building blocks for neurotransmitters in the brain that are at the root of addiction. The combination of amino acids and other nutritional supplements will support the body through detox and on-going recovery. They may also use herbal treatment or other complimentary therapies like acupuncture.

In this type of a holistic or natural alcoholism treatment center you'll also learn the role that diet, nutrition and other biochemical issues like hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, candida or bacterial overgrowth and environmental toxins play in neurotransmitter balance and how to address them effectively.

The purpose of a treatment center for alcoholism and addiction is to help the individual addicted to alcohol and/or drugs to get sober and learn how to remain that way. Choosing the right alcoholism treatment center can really mean the difference between success and relapse and even life and death in certain circumstances. Like all others, biochemical, natural or holistic treatment for alcoholism in a center may be inpatient or outpatient.

Inpatient means that you stay in the facility 24 hours a day for a set amount of time. This type of treatment is best for those who have been addicted for a long time and are going to face some significant withdrawal and for those who need the support of a protected environment while they get back on their feet.

While outpatient is more suited to those with a less severe physical addiction or during the second phase of recovery after detox is achieved. Outpatient is often used instead of inpatient for those who can't afford the cost of inpatient.

Many alcoholism treatment centers have what is referred to as intensive outpatient treatment where the individual spends the majority of the day in treatment. This can be a good compromise for those who need inpatient, but can't afford it. Both can be quite costly. The typical length of stay is 30 days for both inpatient and outpatient.

Unfortunately, the cost of treatment for alcoholism and other addictions is often a major road block for many. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford one, the benefits of a high quality and effective alcoholism treatment center can't be beat and are well worth the money.

If attending treatment is not something you can fit into your budget, then you may want to consider my Clean and Sober for Life Program. It will teach you how to restore balance to your brain chemistry and achieve successful recovery. I have used these very principles to maintain more than 27 years of uninterrupted and craving-free sobriety in my own life.

It is my opinion that a 30-day inpatient stay will greatly increase your chances for success. It provides you with a protected environment, people who understand what you're going through, a place to rest while you get on your feet and get stronger, connection with others, emotional support, a break from social influences, a place to work on emotional issues, and time to really adopt the necessary lifestyle changes and allow biochemical healing to begin.

It’s just so hard to accomplish all the changes that must be made while dealing with day-to-day life. This is especially true for those who are in advanced stages of alcoholism. Even when you're using a holistic treatment approach with biochemical restoration, it takes some time for healing to occur and to adopt the crucial diet and lifestyle changes as your own.

You must look at your addictions in the same manner as you would any other medical condition. If you had cancer or a heart attack, you would need medical care and you would make time to do so. The same is true for addiction.