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Food Addiction

Food addiction frequently occurs in conjunction with alcoholism and drug addiction, and if it is not addressed, it can result in cravings for the substance of choice and relapse.

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Effects of Child Abuse & Neglect - It's Role in Alcoholism and Addiction

The effects of child abuse and neglect are long-lasting, profound and often lead to drug addiction or alcoholism.

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Candida and Alcoholism

Understanding the candida and alcoholism connection is a crucial component to overcome cravings for alcohol and achieve successful long-term recovery.

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Nicotine and Alcohol

Nicotine and alcohol have a similar impact on the brain and perpetuate addiction to one another.

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Addiction and Stress

Understanding the complex relationship between addiction and stress is crucial for overcoming cravings for your substance of choice and avoiding relapse.

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Natural Cures for Alcoholism

Natural cures for alcoholism such as the biochemical approach get to the root of the problem and help you stay sober without cravings.

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Caffeine Addiction, Alcohol & Drugs

Caffeine addiction or consumption depletes critical neurotransmitters in the brain that can result in cravings for alcohol or drugs which lead to relapse..

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Addiction and Spirituality

Addiction and spirituality have a complex, multi-faceted and reciprocal relationship in the process of recovery, however it is universally misunderstood.

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Sugar and Alcoholism

It is crucial to address the sugar and alcoholism connection in order to achieve craving-free and lasting sobriety.

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Alcoholism and Hypoglycemia - What You Need to Know

Alcoholism and hypoglycemia go hand in hand and this is often an underlying cause of cravings for alcohol, which ultimately, leads to relapse.

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