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Get Sober Stay Sober
The Truth About Alcoholism

Get Sober Stay Sober

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How to achieve craving-free, permanent sobriety without AA, the 12 steps,
religion or succumbing to the powerlessness concept.

We've learned through scientific research that the roots of addiction lie within the neurotransmitters of the brain and sobriety can be achieved by restoring balance to these neurotransmitters.

No More Cravings

You Are Not Powerless

A Cutting-Edge Recovery Program that Works

No More Relapse

Revolutionary Concepts that Get to the Root of the Problem

No More AA Meetings or 12 Steps

The Startling Facts about Alcoholism, 12 Step Programs, Alcoholics Anonymous and Bill Wilson

No Higher Power or Religion

On the other hand, alcoholism is a complex multi-faceted illness and successful recovery is dependent on addressing all the facets. Although the roots of alcoholism are in neurotransmitters it impacts our life on all levels, including the psychological and the spiritual.

Once a hopeless drunk and drug addict, crippled with uncontrollable cravings, anxiety attacks and depression, Cynthia Perkins turned her life around and achieved 21 years of uninterrupted sobriety with this innovative and holistic recovery approach that combines cutting-edge findings in orthomolecular medicine, with traditional psychology and a dash of unorthodox spirituality.

Get Sober Stay Sober: The Truth About Alcoholism, brings together for the first time the best from the worlds of science, psychology and spirituality which results in an innovative, comprehensive recovery approach that gets to the root of alcoholism and enables the alcoholic to achieve permanent sobriety that is free of cravings and relapse without AA, the 12 steps, religion or succumbing to the powerlessness concept.

As part autobiography and part self-help, Cynthia, who now holds a master's degree in counseling shares her truth as both a fellow alcoholic and a professional. With bold unflinching honesty and raw unadulterated examples from her own life, she weaves her harrowing personal journey through addiction and recovery together with scientific research and philosophy.

In Get Sober Stay Sober You'll Learn

Why you Have Cravings

How to Stop Cravings Permanently

Why Relapse Occurs and How to End the Vicious Cycle

What the Addiction Process Is

How to Stop the Addiction Process

Innovative Principles to Achieve Permanent Sobriety

With utter candor, Cynthia shares her own personal story beginning with a childhood filled with abuse, violence and neglect, progressing though an ugly and emotionally wrenching addiction and ending with a triumphant recovery to illustrate the cycle of addiction and process of recovery from a holistic and biochemical angle.

We take a look at the science of addiction and what is known as the reward pathway and what Cynthia calls the neurotransmitter connection. We learn from scientific research that the root of alcoholism lies in neurotransmitters in the brain's reward pathway and that this pathway is impacted by candida overgrowth, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, child abuse, hypothyroidism, environmental toxins, sexuality and spirituality.

Each of these topics is covered in depth in their own chapter and illustrates their role in either causing or perpetuating the cycle of addiction and other debilitating physical and emotional symptoms that plague recovering alcoholics and how to address these issues with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutritional supplements, diet, herbs and changes in lifestyle to achieve lasting sobriety that is free of cravings and relapse.

You'll learn how each of these issues plays a crucial role in alcoholism:


Nutritional Deficiencies

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Candida Overgrowth

Sugar and other Refined Foods




Environmental Toxins

Child Abuse


One of the most unique aspects of this book is the non-traditional approach to spirituality without a higher power. This is literally an untraveled path in the world of recovery.

Why Listen to Cynthia Perkins?

Like many of you, after a long addiction and many failed attempts to stop drinking, I tried the traditional 12 Step treatment path which, although was helpful in a variety of ways, resulted in a year of white knuckling it, suffering immensely with incessant anxiety attacks and living in AA meetings. This led me to a new path where I discovered that most of what I learned about alcoholism was a pack of lies.

You are not powerless over addiction. You are not spiritually defective. Alcoholism is not a psychological problem. Your drinking does not occur as a result of character flaws, lack of will power or your state of morality. You do not have to attend AA meetings the rest of your life. You do not have to fight constant cravings for a drink or a drug. You can stay sober for a lifetime without any cravings for alcohol or drugs at all.

I'll illustrate to you how candida overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, child abuse, hypothyroidism, food allergies, environmental toxins, sexuality and spirituality have a profound impact on the neurotransmitters in the brain involved in addiction, called the reward pathway, and how to balance these neurotransmitters to achieve a lasting recovery that is free of cravings and relapse.

Additionally, it is rare to find a recovery book where the author is both a mental health professional and a recovered addict, which adds the touch of personal, in depth understanding that can only come through personal experience and serves to strengthen the message that I carry.

Heal Damaged Relationships

Achieve Recovery of Self

Discover The Real Definition of Spirituality

Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Heal Childhood Trauma and Sexual Shame

Why a Holistic and Alternative Recovery Approach?

Most alcoholics do not recover with the 12 step program, they die from their disease.

Even when treatment is successful, alcoholics continue to struggle with constant cravings for a drink or a drug and endure frequent relapse, because the 12 step program is an ineffective, outdated paradigm. The Alcoholics Anonymous program was formally developed in 1935 when very little was understood about the process of addiction. Scientific research now tells us that the drive to self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, sex, food etc. lies in biochemistry, not spiritual illness, weak will, poor morals, personality disorders or character flaws. However, AA and traditional alcohol and drug treatment centers have not changed or expanded their approach to treatment in any way and continue to treat it as if it were a spiritual disease. The key to successful recovery and staying sober without cravings is to restore balance to our neurotransmitters.

The 12 step program is not very successful, as a matter of fact, the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, is basically a failure. Reliable and consistent statistics are hard to find. Results are skewed depending on who performs the study and other factors like dishonesty and willingness to disclose. However, the most dependable research tells us that the success rate for long term sobriety (more than 5 years) is somewhere between .01 percent and 2.5 percent. Research also tells us that about .05 percent of alcoholics will recover on their own without any treatment all. So the 12 step program is actually less effective than spontaneous remission.

Treatment centers who incorporate orthomolcular medicine into their treatment protocol, such as I have covered in this book, have a 74-80 percent success rate.

The 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous was created directly from the principles and beliefs of the Oxford Group, a Christian evangelical cult that used guilt, shame and brainwashing as a way to control its members. It is not a treatment for a serious medical condition like alcoholism and does not address the root causes, which results in most alcoholics either walking away or failing to achieve or maintain long-term sobriety.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Analysis, more than 18 percent of Americans experience alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence at some time in their lives. Although Get Sober Stay Sober is written for the active alcoholic, addicts of all kinds will find this book helpful and so will friends and family members of the alcoholic or addict. Additionally, it will serve as a valuable educational resource to health care professionals, addiction specialists etc. who have a desire to learn more about the biochemical approach and the importance of a holistic recovery plan and witness a firsthand account of how it works in the alcoholic's life.

In this book the alcoholic learns the root of cravings and relapse and how to eliminate them completely, from someone who has been there done that.

Are you uncomfortable with the powerlessness concept, the cult-like, religious brainwashing of the 12 steps
and being sentenced to a life of dependence on AA meetings?

Get Sober Stay Sober: The Truth About Alcoholism is an effective alternative that empowers the alcoholic and reveals the truth about alcoholism.

When you address alcoholism from the biochemical angle, drinking is no longer an issue in your life. I know for a fact that this is true because I have lived it. I have used the principles in this book to achieve 21 years of uninterrupted sobriety and only attended AA for the first two years. I never experience cravings for alcohol or drugs. On the pages of this book I will share my journey with you from beginning to end and show you exactly how it can be done.

Read Excerpts from Get Sober Stay Sober

Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Nutrition and Alcoholism

Child Abuse and Addiction

The Truth about the 12 Step Program of AA

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"Get Sober Stay Sober: The Truth About Alcoholism provides an invaluable review of current 21st century knowledge about alcoholism and its successful treatment! Despite past decades of unrelenting failure rates among traditional programs, the author can legitimately offer new hope for stable, lifelong recoveries by finally addressing alcoholism's physical causes as well as its many effects." ~Joan Mathews-Larson, Ph.D., Executive Director, Health Recovery Center. Author, Seven Weeks to Sobriety

"Cynthia's book is powerful, poignant, painfully frank, and very informative about a holistic approach to alcoholism. I encourage you to add it to your bookshelf." ~Carolyn Reuben, L.Ac. Coordinator, Alliance for Addiction Solutions, Executive Director, Community Addiction Recovery

"After struggling with an addiction problem for 26 years, I discovered Cynthia's website. After talking with Cynthia only two times, my life changed dramatically for the better. She has more knowledge than any doctor or counselor I have ever talked with. She actually knows what causes the problem. She helped me to determine that I was allergic, that there was actually a physiological or biochemical problem, I wasn't nuts. I took out sugar and caffeine as she suggested, added a few supplements and it's like a light came on. Cravings disappeared and I'm on an "even keel" mentally and emotionally." ~Jane, Florida

Hello Cynthia,

I am writing to tell you that I feel very good with my diet changes. My anxiety levels are at subzero !After all these months I have developed this diet scheme from what I learned from you. THANK YOU.

As a BIG plus, since I experience no anxiety, I do not need to drink scotch once or twice a week in order to "lower stress". That is, I do not need to self medicate because there is nothing to "fix" anymore, So I forgot I once drank. THANK YOU ...

~Antonino, Mexico

"This information is so amazing and NEW to me, but it makes so much sense. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I agree with what you wrote about AA and I think I have found a way to save my life, through you!! Thanks again."~ Anonymous

"I have just finished reading your book (on behalf of my sister) and we are excited to get started on your recovery program. I have never seen my sister so excited and ready to make a change as she was after reading through your ideas. I thank you for your holistic approach to recovery." Kind Regards, Gary, Down Under

"Thanks so much for your book - I love it; you've provided me with renewed hope!" ~Allie, TX

"THANK YOU THANK YOU! For your experience, strength and hope." Sincerely, Nina

"Thank you so much for providing information which, to me, makes more sense than the AA platform in addressing the disease of alcoholism." ~Jack

"I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you yesterday. You had answers to questions that numerous doctors have never been able to answer!" Shelley, IN

"You gave me exactly what I needed to get started and hoped to achieve in this conversation." ~Gloria, Pennsylvania

"Thank you, Cynthia. You are truly amazing with your insight, wisdom and knowledge. It was a very valuable experience and money well spent. I'm so thankful I found your web site." ~Amy W., Nebraska

"One of the most enlightening books I've ever read." ~Regina, North Carolina